C3 Community Projects

The Center for Creative Connections (C3) promotes conversation and community by collaborating with artists and institutions to develop and produce art installations and experiences for and about the community. The result of the collaboration is a mutual understanding of each other's creative process—everyone learns something new.

Shay Youngblood - Writer in Residence

Throughout the fall of 2013, writer-in-residence Shay Youngblood gathered visitors' stories inspired by the painting Starry Crown, by John Biggers. These stories chronicle family traditions, oral histories and knowledge passed down from important women in visitors' lives. Youngblood then reimagined these stories through the lens of a creative writer and presented them during the January Late Night event. A handful of the stories have been made into audio recordings and are available through the DMA.mobi smartphone tour.

To learn more about Shay Youngblood, read this interview on the DMA Canvas Blog


Translating Culture... Community Voices at the DMA

During Translating Culture . . . Community Voices at the DMA, eleven members of the Dallas chapter of AVANCE learned about the DMA’s collection through looking and discussion exercises; homework designed to engage the participant’s imagination and intellect through writing, observation and sharing; and the exploration of methods for conveying thoughts and ideas. C3 staff and Janeil Engelstad, founder of MAP – Make Art with Purpose, co-led these workshops, which took place twice a week throughout the summer of 2013.

Working independently, in pairs, and as a group, the participants wrote personal interpretations about a work of art of their choice. These texts, along with images of the selected art and portraits of the participants, are included in a Spanish and English language guide, which is available in both print form and on the DMA website. The guides launched in November 2013 as a part of MAP 2013, a festival and exhibition of social practice projects. These bilingual guides are still available; ask for them at the Visitor Services Desk.