Past Artists

Shirin Askari

July 2013

Shirin received her degree in fashion design from the University of North Texas and was a contestant on the sixth season of Project Runway. She currently works on custom bridal and owns her own ready-to-wear line.



South Dallas Cultural Center

October 2012, December 2012, March 2013      


Ava Wilson: Dallas native Ava Wilson received her undergraduate degree in Africana Studies from Howard University and a master's degree from Temple University, where she studied the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements in Dallas. Wilson is a 2004 NAACP/ACT-SO Gold Medalist in Playwriting and a Presidential Scholar in the Arts for Short Story Writing. 

Spiderweb Salon

In the summer of 2012 Connor Wallace and Courtney Marie  launched what has become an ever-evolving project intending to inspire and motivate Denton's artists. This project is called spiderweb salon. with the support and love of our friends and family, we have hosted many successful spiderweb salon shows and workshops and the project continues to grow. Our ultimate goal is also a work in progress, but giving back to the community while pursuing our own artistic goals is the driving force for everything we do.

Teresa Rafidi

October 2012, April 2012, December 2010

Teresa Rafidi photographs in ordinary places, shifting attention away from the subject matter and redirecting the focus.  She uses light as her theme, revealing subtle fragments of perception and the visceral pleasures of experiencing a particular moment.

Tom Cox

September 2011

Tom Cox earned a degree in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and explores place and our relationship to it through the study of architecture. Since 1980 he has taught architecture at the Skyline Career Development Center, a Dallas public school that emphasizes career education.


Tom Lauerman

April 2011, February 2011

Tom Lauerman explores the overlap of sculpture, ceramics, and design. His work grows out of ceramic history, architectural modularity, and experimentation with materials.