Past Artists

Amie Adelman

Amie Adelman is the Associate Professor of Fibers in the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas, in Denton and has been awarded numerous travel grants from UNT to research textiles in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Guatemala, Norway, Scotland, and England.  She received an MFA in Fibers from the University of Kansas and a BFA in Fibers from Arizona State University.   Adelman exhibits artwork nationall

Ann Marie Newman

2012, March 2010

Ann Marie Newman merges visual and performance art with storytelling to inspire people to see the creativity around them. She uses a variety of materials and a myriad of techniques in a highly imaginative and sensory rich approach.


Annette Lawrence

January 2012, November 2011, October 2011, December 2010

Annette Lawrence's work is generally related to text and information, often in response to physical space and time. The work is grounded in autobiography, counting, and the measurement of everyday life. Lawrence is a professor at the University of North Texas, College of Arts and Design.  

Blayre Stiller

August 2013

Blayre received her MFA in Drawing & Painting from the University of North Texas, where she teaches mural painting. Stiller's work has been featured in New American Paintings and reflects upon expectations of beauty, adequecy, and self-acceptance.


Bobby Frye

January 2013

Bobby is the co-curator of the art collective called "Tiny Thumbs." Tiny Thumbs exists to bridge the gap between video games and art galleries, and hopefully enriching both in the process.

Brian Fridge

Brian Fridge is an artist working primarily in video. A typical work is Vault Sequence. Recorded in the artist’s apartment, the video “seems instead to have come directly from the Hubble telescope." Fridge's explorations of space and time feel at once both physical and psychological.

Brittany Ransom

June 2013

Brittany Ransom is an Assistant Professor of Digital/Hybrid Media + Art at Southern Methodist University. Her art practice explores the boundaries between art, interactive technologies, and nature.