Schedule Go van Gogh

Print this page and use it as a checklist for scheduling Go van Gogh® programs. 

On August 18, 2014, we began accepting requests for the 2014–2015 school year. Availability is limited, and openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

STEP 1 – Determine possible dates for your Go van Gogh® program.

  • Check testing dates, holidays, class change times, and lunch schedules before requesting your program. 
  • Identify five possible dates for your Go van Gogh program. Programs are available September 23, 2014-May 21, 2015.
  • If scheduling for other teachers at your school, confirm dates and start times with them before submitting your request.

Note: Programs cannot be shortened to accommodate conflicts such as lunch schedules or class change times. Teachers must remain in the classroom during the entire Go van Gogh program.

 STEP 2 – Gather required information for Go van Gogh® Request Form.

Please provide the following required information for each classroom. An incomplete form will delay the processing of your request.

  • Teacher’s name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address (e-mail addresses are used solely for confirming the time and date of the Go van Gogh program and for no other purpose.) 
  • Classroom number
  • Number of students
  • Special needs

Please indicate in the notes section at the end of the request form if you do not have an ELMO projector.

 STEP 3 – Submit the 2014–2015 Go van Gogh® Request Form at least four weeks before your first requested program date. Request forms can be submitted online or by mail; outreach programs cannot be scheduled by phone. 

You will receive e-mail confirmation of your scheduled date and time within approximately ten business days of submitting an online request. Please note, if submitting the request form by mail you will receive confirmation by mail via e-mail.

STEP 4 – Review and distribute your confirmation materials. Additional confirmation materials are faxed to the school one week before the scheduled Go van Gogh program.

  • Confirm Go van Gogh program date and start time.
  • Distribute confirmation materials to other scheduled teachers.

If changes occurred after you submitted your Go van Gogh Request Form, such as added or changed testing dates, a change in number of classrooms, a change in number of students, etc., contact or 214-922-1270 at least one week before your program date.

 STEP 5 – Prepare your students for their Go van Gogh® program.

  • Make sure an ELMO projector is available and in your classroom before the program begins. Double-check that the projector is functional. 
  • If possible, arrange desks in groups of 4-5 students each. This will aid in distributing art supplies during the program. 
  • Creative Connections programs require teachers to lead pre-visit activities provided by Go van Gogh in their classroom during the week preceding their program. 

A printable version of the Go van Gogh request forms will soon be available for you to return by mail.  To submit a request,   you may fill out our online Go van Gogh Request Form to request a 90 minute program or One hour program for your classroom. 

For all other inquiries, e-mail