Frequently Asked Questions

How many admissions do I get?

All DMA Partners receive free admission for four per day to ticketed special exhibitions. If you would like to receive more, you can add additional admission as one of your custom options.

How long will it take to receive my Partners card?

It typically takes three weeks from the date of purchase to receive your DMA Partner materials in the mail, which does includeyour Partner card. Sometimes, this time period can vary depending on the time of year or how busy our office is at any given time. If you mailed in your payment, this process may take longer. DMA Partners are always welcome to visit the Museum before they receive their materials. When you arrive, stop  by the Partners Desk in the main Concourse of the Museum, with a valid photo ID. The DMA Partners Team can provide you with everything that you will need for the day, including a voucher for parking if you are asked to pay.

I have moved. How can I change my address?

You can update your address at the Partners Desk, located in the main Concourse of the Museum. You can also call or e-mail at 214-922-1247 or

Have my parking benefits changed?

No. Your parking benefits remain the same as always—based on availability, during Museum hours. A Partner card must be shown for free access. There is no piggybacking of cars.

How do I find out about Museum events?

The Museum hosts a variety of events throughout the year. You can always check the Museum Calendar to see what's happening on the day you visit. DMA Partners who have chosen their Custom Options can participate in exclusive Partners-only events throughout the year as well.

I have a membership at another museum with reciprocal benefits at the DMA. How many admissions am I entitled to?

If you are a reciprocal member, you are entitled to two adult admissions to our current special exhibition at half price. See the reciprocal page for more details.

How do I know when my partnership expires?

Your expiration date will be printed on your Partner card. All Partnerships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. As your expiration date nears, you will begin to receive renewal notices from us in the mail or by e-mail, highlighting our upcoming exhibition, schedule, and special events.

I would like to buy a gift partnership for someone. How can I do this?

You can Order online or you can stop by the DMA to pick up your DMA Partners gift packet in person. When ordering online, place your information in all fields; we will then mail the packet to you so that you are able to present it to the gift recipient. You can also purchase gift Partnerships on-site at the Partner Services Desk in the main Concourse of the Museum or by phone at 214-922-1247.

I called the Partners line (214-922-1247) but got an answering machine. Now what?

The Partner Services Desk is located in the Concourse at the Dallas Museum of Art; unfortunately, we may be helping someone on-site when you call. Please leave a message and your call will be returned by the end of the next business day. Or you can e-mail your question to

What are Custom Options?

Based on your Partnership level, you receive a number of custom option benefits that you can match to your interests. Through these specialized interest groups, Partners can participate in events that are designed to increase their knowledge in the fields that spark their interest. These events will include curator-led tours, interactions with experts in the field, special viewing opportunities, family events, discussions, and workshops. Or you can choose from different admission options that will allow you greater flexibility in how you bring guests to the Museum. To learn more about your custom options, click here.

I need to add or take someone off of my account – how do I do this?

Any one on the DMA Partners Team will be happy to help you add or remove someone from your account. You can let us know the next time you visit the Museum at the Partner Desk, or by phone or email at 214-922-1247 or

What is the difference between DMA Friends and DMA Partners?

DMA Friends is a free, optional program that encourages and recognizes visitor participation as an essential ingredient of the museum experience. Currently, participants must enroll at kiosks in the Museum, but plans are underway to add an online sign-up option.

The new DMA Partners program offers benefits to individual donors at eleven different levels, ranging from $100 to $25,000. DMA Partners receive benefits commensurate with their giving, and their philanthropic involvement with the DMA enables the Museum to provide free admission to the community at large.

I am a current member – what is a DMA Partner?

On January 21, 2013, in conjunction with the DMA’s return to free general admission and the launch of the new program DMA Friends & Partners, members were transitioned into the new DMA Partners program.
The DMA Partners program is focused on creating personalized levels of engagement with patrons along the giving spectrum by supporting their individual interests. In addition to retaining some of the most preferred benefits, the program adds new dimensions of access and experience, some of which overlap with awards for especially engaged DMA Friends to encourage dialogue between the two groups.

What is my DMA Friends ID?

Your DMA Friends ID is what you will use during the sign up process for DMA Friends when prompted for your Partner ID number. This unique number will help link your accounts together so that you will only need to carry one card with you to the Museum. Any one on the DMA Partners Team or the Visitor Services Team will be happy to help you during the sign up process for the DMA Friends program.

I don’t have one of the new DMA Partner Cards.

Your current card is good through  the expiration date that is listed on the card. Once this card is expired, you will need a new one to continue to take advantage of your benefits. Normally, a new card is mailed with your materials after you join or renew each year. If for some reason you  never received your card or have lost it, just contact the DMA Partners Team and we’ll get a new one placed in the mail. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail at 214-922-1247 or

I am a DMA Partner, but I had to pay for parking.

When you enter the Museum, just stop by the DMA Partners Desk and we’ll be happy to provide you with a parking voucher. A parking voucher will allow you to get the $10 back on your way out of the Museum parking garage. Please present your Partner Card or a valid photo ID in order to receive a parking voucher.

What are “reciprocal benefits”?

Reciprocal benefits are provided for all of our DMA Partners, and allow you admission either free or discounted into participating museums. To see our full list of reciprocal museums and other benefits, click here.

I’m a DMA Partner. Can I also be a DMA Friend?

Yes. By checking in at one of our Friends kiosks with your DMA Partner card, you can activate your DMA Friend account and begin earning points when you participate.