Everyday Family Fun

Art to Go Family Tote Bags

Ready to have a tote-ally good time at the DMA? Check out one of our Art to Go family totes! Art to Go totes are designed to be used ANYWHERE in the Museum. You pick the place; you pick the activities. Spend as much or as little time as you like. The idea is to have fun with the art and with your family. Each bag contains a variety of activities that allow families to WRITE, TALK, PLAY, or MAKE. Check out a tote bag from the Family Fun Cart, located at the Main Entrance, near the cafe.

Arturo Family Gallery Guides

What kind of kid are you? Do you like the ocean, dogs, or mysteries? Pick up a gallery guide designed just for you and explore specific works of art from the collection with Arturo! 

Download the In the Swim Family Guide



Download the Modern Mysteries Family Guide