Director's Welcome

Everyone at the Dallas Museum of Art is excited about our plans for 2014. With the enthusiasm and support of our community, we are continuing to explore new ideas while expanding existing programs and initiatives, This year, we will develop the Friends program nationally with four partner institutions: Denver Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and Grace Museum in Abilene, Texas; we will embark on a comprehensive online publication of our encyclopedic art collections, which will be the largest and most comprehensive of any North Texas museum, made possible by the magnanimous $9 million gift from an anonymous source received late last year; and we will present numerous exhibitions organized, or co-organized, by the DMA throughout the year.

Our commitment to a combination of free membership, through the DMA Friends program, and free general admission has been hailed internationally, because we have called the question on the right business model for U.S. art museums. Not funded primarily by government, like our sister institutions around the world, American art museums rely principally on private support from individuals like you, as well as a distributed mix of support from foundations, corporations and government agencies. More than 45,000 individuals joined the DMA Friends program in its first year, allowing the Museum to expand opportunities, and create new ones, for participation by the North Texas community at the DMA. Your support of the DMA as either a Friend or a Partner, or both, is sincerely appreciated.

This spring and into the summer we are excited to host a wide range of exhibitions. Alexandre Hogue: The Erosion Series (February 16–June 15, 2014) showcases the artist’s creative process through his erosion works from the 1930s, which highlight Hogue’s environmental concerns evident throughout his career. This March, the DMA will serve as the exclusive U.S. venue for Nur: Light in Art and Science from the Islamic World (March 30–June 29, 2014). The exhibition, organized by the DMA’s senior advisor for Islamic art, Dr. Sabiha Al Khemir, explores the use and meaning of light in Islamic art and science. We kick off the summer with the nationally touring exhibition From the Village to Vogue: The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith (June 15–December 7, 2014), highlighting the dynamic work of African American artist Art Smith, as well as select pieces by his contemporaries.

Much of 2014 will see the DMA spreading its sails, to embrace the art of the Islamic world on a grand scale, and to welcome some 1,000 global leaders to Dallas as part of the New Cities Summit. In each of these endeavors, we strive to make global creativity across time of local relevance—and to make the DMA an indispensable part of your lives.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the DMA time and time again in 2014.

Feel free to tweet me at @MaxAndersonUSA. I look forward to seeing you at the DMA!

Maxwell L. Anderson
The Eugene McDermott Director